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Expo Hope and Optimism


“Hope and Optimism” has no geographical, political or cultural boundaries. Since 1990, more than a hundred artists from different countries have created a work of art on the theme of hope and positive thinking, even in more difficult times. What is unique is that it was the countries themselves that designated an artist. These works are protected by UNESCO.

The theme “Hope and Optimism” is a theme that transcends time and space. People of all times, everywhere in the world, can identify with hope and optimism when they find themselves in challenging situations or circumstances.

Traveling exhibition


The exhibition “Hope and Optimism” has been traveling around the world since 1990. Oxford, London, The Hague, New York, Gibraltar, Pretoria and Paris are just some of the many locations where the message was successfully received.

In May 2023, another exhibition was organized in the Castle of Waroux in Ans and in November 2023 the exhibition was held for the third time in the European Parliament in Brussels.

Donation to South Africa


The infectious optimism and all those international experiences drove me to one of the biggest challenges in my life. A tribute to Nelson Mandela remains one of the most important pillars of “Hope and Optimism”.

It is no coincidence that a large part of the collection ends up in South Africa. I met Nelson Mandela personally when he was awarded his Honorary Doctorate in 1993 at the Free University of Brussels.

Out of love for the country and personal experience during my postgraduate studies at the University of Cape Town, I donated 25 lithographs from my private collection to the Ditsong National Museum of Cultural History in Pretoria in 2013.

'The Hope and Optimism Expo'

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